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Business Sports Marketing

456 Subscribers · 45% Open Rate · Weekly

Business Sports Marketing is a weekly newsletter that explores the intersection between sports, media and business.

Basketball Business Football Hockey Marketing Media Sports

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No more cold emails or scouring the web for partnerships. Search newsletters based on subscriber count, open rate, subject matter and frequency. Simple as that.

100 1,000
Open Rate
Found 4 Newsletters

The Basketball Letter

876 Subscribers 42% Open Rate

The Baseball Letter

342 Subscribers 51% Open Rate

The Hockey Letter

903 Subscribers 47% Open Rate

The Cycling Letter

298 Subscribers 48% Open Rate

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The Baseball Letter
Hi. I think we should do a cross promotion. I cover a lot of baseball in my newsletter and I think your readers would enjoy it.
Just took a look at your newsletter. Totally agree. Let's exchange emails.

4. Opportunities Come to You

Our team is actively recruiting newsletter creators to CrowdMagnet that complement our existing users. As more join, expect to have cross promotion opportunities come to you. You won't have to lift a finger.

to me
New message from Thomas of "The Basketball Letter"
Hi. Let's do a cross promotion. I see you cover a lot of basketball in your newsletter and I think we have good overlap.
The Basketball Letter
342 Subscribers · 51% Open Rate
Not Interested


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